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If you are looking for that finishing touch to your new home, or a clever way to give your old family home in Glenelg a makeover, blinds might be the solution for you. Not only do blinds look great and add real value to a home, but they also allow immediate privacy, or ample sunlight, all depending on what you feel like in the moment.

Able Blinds are in the business of crafting stunning blinds, roller shutters, security doors, and awnings across a range of styles, all made with quality materials by expert craftsmen. We are passionate about providing homeowners across Adelaide and beyond with durable blinds that will stay as beautiful as when you bought them for years to come.

Reach out to our knowledgeable team at 08 8556 6988 today to see whether our blinds might be right for your Glenelg home.

Stunning blinds in a variety of styles

The last thing you want is to have your gorgeous Victorian or federation style home ruined by ill-fitting cheap blinds. Equally, a more modern home can really experience a transformation with the fitting of stunning blinds to suit its style. For your convenience, our team are happy to travel out to your home to consult with you what blinds you might best benefit from—whether you are in Glenelg or beyond. We’ll bring samples, colours and more, so that you can get an accurate impression of what the finished result will be like. We deliver quality, beauty, and convenience. Alternatively, you’re welcome to visit our Aldinga Beach showroom to browse our many styles available to you or discuss a more custom solution.

Blinds, roller doors, screen doors, and more

We don’t just specialise in creating stunning blinds. We also provide a range of other quality products, including roller shutters, awnings, and security doors, and more. We’ll help you put together a complete home or business solution, for a higher quality result and peace of mind. Want to chat about your home’s needs? Feel free to ring us at 08 8556 6988 for a no-obligation chat.

We offer frame finishes that most could only hope to achieve that are custom measured and then manufactured to the highest standards in the industry.

Our products are stylish, versatile, easy to clean and practical for any room with many customisable options at NO extra cost.

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