Roller Blinds & Pelmets

Roller Blinds

Sheer Roller Blinds will reduce glare and allow day time privacy in your home.


Blockout for privacy and heat reduction in summer, also keeps warmth in during winter

Modern Duo Roller Blinds

Functional yet Stylish. Select any two fabrics from blackout, translucent, mesh or light filtering.

Day / Night Duo Rollers

Day time privacy with reduced glare, light filtering inside your home with Night time privacy blind to lower when needed. Keeping in more warmth during winter months.

Acmeda Side cover guides and Pelmets to give maximum light block using roller blinds, ask for a demonstration or visit our Showroom.

PADDED PELMETS: Add that finished look, All pelmets are padded with 12 designs to choose from, you supply the fabric so you can match your decor with cushions, throws or furniture coverings.

NEW IN 2017: Watch the video of the latest developement by Rollease Acmeda. Two way communication between your blind/s and your smart phone, yes, from anywhere in the world you can operate or know exactly whether your blinds are up down or otherwise located. Set timers for when you are away, pud down blinds if it suddenly gets hot and so much more. Available as 240v - Wireless battery or Solar operated, all you need is an internet connection.