Cafe Blinds

Cafe Blinds

Our range of Ziptrak® PVC Cafe Blinds are the perfect addition to any outdoor area. Stylish and practical, our Cafe Blinds ensure your outdoor living and entertaining is in a comfortable environment while also looking fantastic! Protect your outdoor area and make use of it over the colder months, Cafe Blinds are great at keeping the warmth in. Being able to enjoy your garden view unhindered while staying protected from the wind and rain means you never have to worry about what the weather is doing, just relax!

Lightweight, Simple Operation

Our Cafe Blinds are extremely easy to use due to the Ziptrak® patented spring-balanced system. They can be left at any height on the track and with Ziptrak’s® centre lock release and quality track guide, adjusting the height of your blinds is effortless.

Look Great

There is no doubt our Cafe Blinds will add visual appeal to your home. If you’re building or renovating our blinds can even be seamlessly integrated into your outdoor area. With so many versatile installation options available including a 5.5m span with no seams or posts to interrupt your view, our blinds will make a valuable addition to your home.

Quality Materials

Using the highest quality PVC made in Japan, our Cafe Blinds won’t discolour and are built to withstand regular use. They are an Australian invented, designed and manufactured product using quality materials and are made for the Australian environment.

Easy Installation

All our Ziptrak® PVC Cafe Blinds are custom cut to suit your home and requirements.
Our installers are experienced and will provide you with the perfect finish. We take care of the entire installation process for you. Let us help you add the finishing touches to your outdoor area.


Yes, our Ziptrak® PVC Cafe Blinds are suitable for commercial applications as well and will protect your clientele and furniture from unpredictable weather and expand your space. Engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, each Cafe Blind is custom cut to your businesses exact requirements allowing for an unobtrusive and professional final result.

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