Verandah Blinds



Spring Style Verandah Blinds

Economical option to covering small to medium size areas, to shelter you from the sun, wind and rain whilst giving you privacy. Available in shadeview mesh or canvas with stainless steel fittings.- Should be retracted during high ot gusty winds.

Crank Style Verandah Blinds

Ideal for larger areas and windy locations as they can be easily lowered by winding with a crank handle and tensioning the material by simply winding taught. The perfect answer for pergolas, verandahs and balconies. Designed and manufactured to your specifications. – Should be retracted during high ot gusty winds.

Sloped Roof Options

Rope & Pulley Awnings work exceptionally well on sloped verandahs and pergolas. Either Canvas for 100% block out and privacy or Awning Mesh at 90% or 95% blockout for shade, wind & privacy. Custon measured using laser equipment for the best fit possible. One of our specialties. – Should be retracted during high ot gusty winds.

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